Staying Safe on New Zealand Roads – Tips for Tourists

New Zealand, with its excellent highways that connect cities like Auckland, Hamilton, Rotorua and Northland, is one of those countries, like the US, that was seemingly designed to be travelled by road. But, as with any other country, there are rules and regulations designed to keep you safe. Here are a few tips to help tourists avoid preventable problems when travelling on New Zealand roads:


Know New Zealand road rules

For the most part, the road rules in Australia are very much like those of the UK and US. However, there are still a number of differences that you should be aware of.  Before you arrive in Australia and pick up your rental car, it would be a god idea to take a look at  This is an official Government website where you can find all the information you need to read about staying safe on New Zealand roads, which although are very safe in comparison to many countries, are likely to be different in certain ways from the roads at home.

Never drive tired

There are some very long distances between New Zealand cities and that means many people often undertake lengthy drives from one destination to the next. Tired drivers are responsible for a high percentage of accidents, particularly on highways, so make a point of never driving tired.

There are a few things that you can do in this regard, for instance, sharing driving duties, pulling over and taking a nap in one of the rest areas New Zealand highways have many of and planning your journeys so as to avoid lengthy drives.

Hire a car that you feel comfortable driving

Naturally you should never hire a car with a manual transmission if you are only used to driving automatics, but you should also make a point of hiring a car that is a suitable size for you as a driver. Many people are just not used to getting behind the wheel of a large 4x4, so if you lack experience driving large cars, stick with smaller models that you feel more comfortable with.

By taking note of the points above you can increase the safety levels of your car trip and make your way around ‘Aoteroa’ safely and enjoyably. With so many wonderful places to visit in New Zealand, hiring a rental car is by far the best way to enjoy a holiday, so take care behind the wheel and have a great time!

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